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Rural lots to be sold after non-payment of rates

23 November 2015

Council will sell 10 vacant lots by public auction due to unpaid rates in early December.

The process to sell the lots to recoup unpaid rates is in accordance with the Local Government Act.

Earlier this year, 15 properties were advertised with a notice of intention to sell if unpaid rates were not paid within 90 days.

‘Selling really is the last option, said Council’s General Manager, Mr Greg Preece.

‘We are always hopeful that the owners will contact us and pay the outstanding amounts and in this case we had a few that did.

‘Those that remain unpaid are typically a deceased estate that no one has claimed.’ 

The following lots will be auctioned by First National Real Estate, Deloraine at the Westbury Town Hall, Supper Room on Friday 11 December at 10.30am.

  • Lot 1 Elizabeth Street, Bracknell TAS
  • Lot 3 Echo Valley, Liena TAS
  • Lot 1A Blairs Road, Mole Creek TAS
  • Lot 1B Blairs Road, Mole Creek TAS
  • Lot 1C Blairs Road, Mole Creek TAS
  • Lot 1 121 Morrison Street, Kimberley TAS
  • Lot 74 Alport Street, Kimberley TAS
  • Lot 1 Burnett Street, Chudleigh TAS
  • Lot 1 Mayberry Road, Mayberry TAS
  • Lot 1 Lorikeet Lane, Rosevale TAS

Sales enquiries to Brian Claridge, First National Real Estate Deloraine
on 0417 352 419.


Enquiries: Mr Greg Preece 0418 145 036

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