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Driveway Crossovers

A driveway crossover is the section of the driveway at the front of the property boundary (including any kerb and channel and footpath) that is used to drive a vehicle from the road to the driveway within a property.  

In Tasmania the owner of the property is responsible for providing and looking after the driveway crossover (refer to Roads and Jetties Act 1935 Section 16AA Maintenance and Repair of Vehicular Access and Section 40 Power to make Drains on Adjoining Lands). Council is responsible when damage to the crossing is caused by works carried out by Council or if Council's services need replacing.

Driveway Crossover Permit Application

All new or replacement driveway crossovers require a Council Permit BEFORE any driveway construction works are commenced.  This Permit can be obtained by completing and submitting to Council an 'Application for Working in the Road Reservation'  (refer pdf document below).  There is no charge to submit your application to Council to obtain a Permit. 

It is an important requirement that when you submit your application to Council you MUST include with the form the name of the Contractor who will be doing the driveway crossover works*.

NOTE: All driveway crossover works MUST be completed by a Contractor who has the relevant skills, qualifications and insurances*.  When using a Contractor you will need to confirm they have the following insurances: $10 million public liability insurance, personal accident or workers compensation insurance, and motor vehicle and plant insurances.

Once your application has been received, a Council officer will review it and if necessary inspect the site. You will be contacted if any issues are identified.  An approval letter with your Permit number will be forwarded to you, on receipt of which you may commence the driveway construction works.  Council must be notified when you are about to commence works.  Once the driveway construction has been completed you are required to advise Council so an officer can inspect the site and approve the work done.

Application for Works in the Road Reservation(119 kb)

Driveway Crossover Information Sheet(143 kb)



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