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.  Emergency Services Contacts
.  Road Closures - Local (Municipal), State and Forestry
.  Pets & Bushfires - A Pet Owners Guide
.  Coping with a Traumatic Event - Information Flyer


Council plays an important role in assisting the community during and after an emergency situation. This role includes working with Emergency Services during the emergency and then the community during the recovery process.

Council provides assistance during the recovery process that starts as soon as the Emergency commences. Council can be contacted on 0409 547 797 or 0418 507 113.

Emergency Services Contacts

           TFS Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods Newsletter

Road Closures - Local (Municipal), State and Forestry

For reference to all road closure notices for MUNICIPAL, STATE and FORESTRY TASMANIA, click on the links below to access the respective websites:

MEANDER VALLEY LOCAL (MUNICIPAL) ROAD CLOSURES:  Click on the link Meander Valley Council road closures to access current road and bridge closures on Meander Valley Council maintained roads

TASMANIA POLICE ROAD CLOSURE ADVICE DURING AN EMERGENCY EVENT:  This site is kept updated during an emergency incident and can be accessed at http://www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts/

STATE ROAD CLOSURE ADVICE: The Department of State Growth has a list of closed State roads and bridges.  This list is regularly updated and can be accessed at https://www.transport.tas.gov.au/road/closures_delays.

FORESTRY TASMANIA ROAD AND TRACK CLOSURE ADVICE: Forestry Tasmania has a list of road and track closures on Forestry land.  This list is regularly updated and can be accessed at http://www.forestrytas.com.au/road-closures


Pets and Bushfires - A Pet Owners Guide

Keep your best friend safe this bushfire season

Do you have a plan for your pets in the event of a bushfire?  If you live near bush or grassland or in a rural area you need to make preparations to protect your pets. 

Bushfires can strike quickly and pet owners often have to evacuate their properties in a hurry, leaving vulnerable pets and animals behind.  This causes a great deal of anguish to owners.  Plan ahead to keep your pets safe and out of danger.

The 'Pets and Bushfires - A guide for pet owners' information sheet, provided as a pdf document below, contains information to assist you in planning and preparing for how to care for your pets in the event of a bushfire.

Pets and Bushfires - A Guide for Pet Owners(500 kb)


Coping with a Traumatic Event - Information Flyer

A tramatic event affects all members of the community.  It is important to know about possible reactions to such events, how to look after yourself and how you might be able to help others.

The information flyer provided below covers such things as:

.  What to expect - typical reactions

.  How to look after yourself

.  How to  look after others

.  When to seek help

.  Where to seek help

 Coping with a traumatic event(1401 kb)



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