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Move to Meander Valley

Meander Valley is a large and diverse area of Tasmania's northern region, which offers an assortment of enticing lifestyle opportunities. The varying landscape ranges from alpine mountain peaks to extensively forested areas, productive agricultural lands, historic towns and villages, and even an urban community of Launceston. There are abundant small businesses and major enterprises, such as Federal Country Club Casino and Tasmanian Alkaloids, which offer great employment prospects to locals.

The Meander Valley skyline is dominated by the mountains of the Great Western Tiers and World Heritage Area, which form a dramatic backdrop to a rural landscape that in many areas is divided by traditional English hedges. Small townships and villages are found throughout the area. The seamless combination of mountains and rural landscapes, villages and townships gives Meander Valley its' unique look and feel; something that visitors recognise as distinctly Tasmanian.

Community Art Class
Sense of Community

Meander Valley has numerous groups of a diverse nature, which have strong connections with the community. Deloraine, for example, has a reputation of being a creative community and has active groups, such as the Deloraine Dramatic Society and Arts Deloraine, who are involved in a range of creative activities. Villages and townships across Meander Valley are renowned for making new residents welcome and feeling part of the community. This is something that new residents comment on, and is a unique feature of living in Meander Valley.

Community Groups & Services

Meander Valley is well serviced by a number of very active community and service clubs across the entire local government area. Apex, Lions and Rotary are well represented across the region as are a number of health & community services and banking and financial service providers. The vast majority of these groups can be searched on the Meander Valley Community Directory which is hosted by the Deloraine On-Line Access Centre can be found under the Community, Culture and Recreation heading, select Community Services Directory and click on the Go to the Directory by clicking "here" link.

Transport Services

School bus services are well catered for in the Meander Valley region. Local services operate from the majority of smaller townships to local schools and schools in the Prospect Vale and Launceston area. Public bus transport services operate between Devonport and Launceston to most major Meander Valley towns. More regular services operate to and from Hadspen and the Prospect Vale area into Launceston. Charter services for larger groups are available from most areas. A Community Car Service operates from Deloraine and Westbury for residents who have particular needs associated with medical and health appointments.

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