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Vegetation Management

The preparation of a Vegetation Management Strategy was identified as a high priority in the Meander Valley Council Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategy, 2000.

Between 2001 and 2004 the Council's NRM Committee, the community, contractors, Councillors and scientific experts worked together to produce the Strategy.

The management of vegetation is an issue that has gained in prominence over recent years, and a responsible approach by Local Government will play a key role in the sustainable development and management of this important natural resource.

The purpose of the Vegetation Management Strategy is to improve the management of native vegetation within the Meander Valley, whilst at the same time recognising the importance to the region of agriculture and forestry.

It has been developed through community consultation and participation and addresses the 'triple bottom line' of economic, social/cultural and environmental values. It covers all land under council's jurisdiction, that is, 31.7% of the total land area in the municipality. It does not include crown land or private timber reserves.

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