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Fire Season and Bushfire Management


Fire Protection Plans

Following changes to the Fire Service Act 1979, Council now has more involvement in the strategic management of bushfire fuel loads in Meander Valley.

We do this by participating in Fire Management Areas Committees.

Meander Valley Council sits on the Central North Fire Management Area Committee, and chairs the Tamar Fire Management Area Committee.

The purpose of the Committees is to bring together the various stakeholders that manage land use across the State, to work together to manage vegetation fuels for the reduction of bushfires.

The focus of the Fire Management Area Committees is to prepare a fire protection plan for the Fire Management Area by identifying bushfire vegetation risks and prioritising works to reduce bushfire risks.

The Fire Protection Plans are reviewed annually.

The link below takes you to a website that shows the different management areas and has a copy of the executive summary of the Fire Protection Plans for each area.


Community Protection Planning

One of the outcomes of the Fire Protection Plans is identifying communities that should plan for bushfire risk.

TasFire have developed the Community Protection Planning program to work with communities to help build resilience and plan for emergencies.

For more information we recommend that you visit



Fire Hazards

It is your responsibility to make sure that your property is clear of any undergrowth or other materials that would be a fire hazard. Clearing should be carried out in early Spring so your property meets our requirements.

Careful inspection is made throughout the Municipal Area to check standards are maintained. Any person who does not keep their land free of potential fire hazards will be issued with an Abatement Notice. If you do not then clear your property we will engage a contractor to do the work at your cost.

Please be aware that legal action may be taken against you for any damage caused by fire escaping from your property.

For more information on backyard burning and wood smoke, click here.

If you have any questions please contact Council on 6393 5300.

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