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The Meander Valley Council owns and manages a variety of parks and reserves throughout the municipality. You will find a complete list of parks and reserves below and can discover what they have to offer by clicking on their individual links. If you would like to find a park in your area that has a particular facility, you can do this by using the search engine feature. 

Have a great time and remember to keep these things in mind:

  • Please familiarize yourself with park signage before entering. There may be some restrictions on activities
  • Pedestrians and cyclists should keep left when on paths
  • Take your rubbish home where no bins are provided
  • Leave timber, twigs and leaves on the ground in bushland areas of the parks. They provide important habitat for animals
  • Parks are for all to enjoy. Please consider other users
  • No smoking within 10 metres of a playground.


Facility Type

Parks & Reserves Map


Parks, Gardens and Ovals

Arthur Street Park Reserve

Bimbimbi Avenue Reserve

Blackstone Park

Bordin Street Recreation Reserve

Bowden Road Recreation Reserve

Bracknell Recreation Ground

Bracknell River Reserve

Buckingham Place Reserve

Carrick Memorial Recreation Ground

Caveside Swimming Pool

Cheltenham Way Recreation Reserve

Chris Street Recreation Reserve

Chudleigh Memorial Hall & Park

Coronea Court Reserve

Country Club Avenue Reserve

Deloraine Apex Train Park

Deloraine Community Complex

Deloraine East Playground

Deloraine Recreation Ground & Racecourse

Deloraine Riverbank Reserve

Deloraine Rotary Park Reserve

Egmont Reserve

Hadspen Lions Park Reserve

Hadspen Park

Hadspen Recreation Park & Memorial Centre

Hagley Recreation Ground

Henry Burrows Playground

Hughes Court Recreation Reserve

Las Vegas Recreation Reserve

Lomond View Drive Recreation Reserve

Mace Street Recreation Reserve

Meander Main Road Park

Meander Memorial Hall & Recreation Ground

Meander Valley Performing Arts Centre

Molecombe Drive Reserve

Mount Leslie Road Recreation Reserve

Peel Street Recreation Reserve

Pitcher Parade Park & Wetlands

Poets Place Reserve

Prospect Vale Park & Sports Centre

Rosevale Memorial Hall & Sports Ground

South Esk Drive Recreation Reserve

South Esk Riverbank Reserve

St. Ives Court Reserve

Victoria Square

Waterhouse Court Reserve

Weegena Memorial Hall & Sports Ground

Westbury Recreation Ground & Sports Centre

Westbury Town Common

Westbury Village Green

Whitemore Recreation Ground

Willow Lane Reserve

Winifred Jane Crescent Reserve

Youd Court Reserve

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