Kerbside Recycling

Residents are advised that all plastics with a number between 1 and 7, steel, aluminium, paper and cardboard can be deposited loose into your recycling bin - please do not enclose your recycling in plastic bags as this creates time losses at the recycling sorting centre.  It is also important that no rubbish or green waste is to be placed in your recycling bin as one bin load of garbage will contaminate a truck load of recycling with the consequences that the whole load may have to be dumped at a refuse disposal site.  Repeat offences of this practice will lead to a cessation of collection from the property in question. 

Please use your garbage bin for household refuse, though minimal amounts of green garden waste can be included if they are cut to bin size and are not overly heavy.  NOTE:  building rubble, soil and rocks are NOT to be placed in the bins as they create too much weight and the truck's arm is unable to pick the bin up.

For more information on waste and recycling in Tasmania check out

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