Dog Control

Dogs are great companion animals, but owning one means you have particular responsibilities, both to your pet and also to the general public. The Dog Control Act 2000 and the Dog Control Regulations 2001 provide for the control and management of dogs, as well as informing the community of what Council expects from dog owners.

In addition to legislation, Meander Valley Council also has a Dog Management Policy. This Policy addresses the following:

  • responsible ownership
  • declared areas
  • fee structure
  • education
  • complaints and nuisances
  • dog pound
  • monitoring and evaluation.

All dogs must currently be registered with Council from the age of six months. In additon, from July 1 2011 all dogs will also be required to be microchipped from the age of six months. See registration form below. For further information contact Council or refer to the following frequently asked questions document.

singleFileDog Control - Frequently Asked Questions

singleFileDog Management Policy


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