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Onsite Waste Water

During the course of processing a development, subdivision or building proposal, consideration must be given to environmentally appropriate methods of domestic wastewater treatment and disposal. Treatment can be by means of a range of different systems depending on design characteristics, site conditions and developer's preferences.

Plumbing Permits
The Building Act 2016 require that approval be obtained for the installation of an onsite wastewater disposal system. This also includes upgrade from an existing system or change in capacity or load based on additional bedrooms, toilets, showers and laundry fittings and fixtures.  Upon application for a Plumbing Permit Council will also require site assessment and design reporting from a suitably qualified person. Once Council officers are satisfied the proposed system meets the requirements of the site a Plumbing Permit can be issued. 

Do fees apply?
Please Click here to acccess Council's Fees & Charges Schedule.
Anyone considering on site waste water for their property or development please contact Council on (03) 6393 5300.

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