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Northern Lights - street light replacement project

Northern councils light the way

Meander Valley Council Officers are working with other northern councils on a programme to replace minor road lighting with Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights.

The replacement program accelerates the phasing out of outdated, inefficient and expensive mercury vapour street lights on local roads.

Local Governments around Australia and the world are replacing old, outdated street lights with low energy LED technology and realising the benefits.

‘The switch to LED lights will reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by around 82 percent,’ said Mayor Craig Perkins.

‘The project is really significant because it shows what can be achieved when councils take a truly collaborative approach.

‘By joining forces we are able to offer light manufacturers, installers and even TasNetworks a viable project’, Mayor Perkins said.

The project aims to be the largest local government sustainability initiative in Tasmania’s history.

Residents can expect to see the replacement completed before the end of June 2017.

Project information is available at or contact Craig Plaisted, Project Manager on 6393 5324 or

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