Recycling - Important Changes

Posted on September 10, 2019

Packaging commonly used for products such as longlife and fresh milk, custards and liquid stocks can no longer be placed in recycling bins.

Aseptic Packaging

What is liquid paperboard?

Liquid paperboard is known as aseptic packaging. This is sterilised packaging used for products such as fresh and longlife milk, soy and almond milk, poppas, custards and liquid stocks. Previously, many of these items were placed in recycling bins.

Why can’t these items be recycled anymore?
There is now no market to recycle aseptic packaging and it must be disposed of in the general waste bin.

“It is important that residents stop placing this type of packaging in the recycling bin as it causes contamination of other recyclable products,” Mayor Wayne Johnston said.

Residents are reminded that even if a package has a recycling logo printed on it, that does not mean it can go in the recycling bin. In some cases, the recycling logo only indicates that the packaging is made of recycled components or is capable of being recycled. This does not automatically mean that it is accepted at recycling facilities.

Recycling must now be of a much higher standard and facilities no longer accept aseptic packaging through the recycling bin. Residents are encouraged to consider alternatives where possible and, if disposing of this type of packaging, ensure the items are flattened prior to placing in the general waste bin.

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