Dog ownership in Meander Valley

Dogs are great companions, but owning a dog does come with some responsibilities. It is important that you, your pet and the community remain safe and our public spaces can be enjoyed by all.

In Meander Valley, dogs must be kept in accordance with the requirements of:
The Dog Control Act 2000
Animal Welfare (Dogs) Regulations 2016
Dog Control Regulations 2021
Meander Valley Council Dog Management Policy

• Your dog must be registered and microchipped from the age of six (6) months

• You must keep your dog under effective control at all times
• You must sufficiently restrain your dog whilst it is in or on a vehicle
• When in public places you must clean up after your dog
• Your dog must not injure, endanger, intimidate, cause distress or cause a nuisance
• You must ensure your dog does not roam

On the spot fines can be issued if you fail to keep your dog under effective control in a public place, your dog is not registered, does not have a micro-chip or is found to be at large.

Does my dog have to be on a lead in public areas?
Your dog must be under effective control at all times. On a road or footpath in a city or town your dog must be on a lead. The lead must be less than two metres long and you must be of sufficient age and strength to control the dog.

If your dog is off lead in a public place it still must be under effective control at all times and you are required to:
• Keep you dog in sight and within close proximity
• Demonstrate satisfactorily to an authorised person that your dog will immediately respond to your commands.

Cleaning up after your dog
Dog faeces cause environmental harm when washed into waterways. They also transmit disease and can harbour E-Coli bacteria which can cause ongoing illness. Respect others by always cleaning up after your dog when in a public place. Use a scoop and a plastic bag and place faeces in the nearest bin. Green dispensers containing dog tidy bags are located throughout the municipality.

Kennel licences - keeping more than two dogs

Under the Dog Control Act 2000, you must apply for a Kennel Licence if you intend to keep:

• More than two (2) domestic dogs over the age of six months
• Four (4) or more working dogs over the age of six months

A kennel license must be renewed each year.

Kennel License Application Form

Stray dogs

If you find a stray dog, contact Council on 6393 5300

If the dog has a registration tag, Council can contact the owner. If the dog cannot be identified or you cannot hold the dog, Council's Rangers will arrange for the dog to be collected.

Animal welfare and reporting cruelty

There are a number of ways that anyone with concerns about the welfare of an animal can report it confidentially. You can call the National Animal Cruelty Hotline on 1300 139 947. Details taken are passed on to the Tasmanian RSPCA for investigation.

Alternatively, you can send an email to: or you can report it online. Your details will remain strictly confidential.

Report animal cruelty and animal welfare issues online

Dog exercise areas

DeloraineAlveston Drive - western side
WestburyTown Common - south of the King Street entrance
HadspenAlong the riverbank between Browne and Foote Streets
Blackstone HeightsPitcher Parade

Renewing your dog's registration?

Click here to pay your dog registration renewal online or to access a range of other payment options.

Do you need to update your details, cancel your registration or apply for discount?

If your dog has recently been desexed, passed away, you have new contact details or you wish to apply for a discounted fee or concession, click here