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Enhancing Carrick - Stage 1

Meander Valley Road Streetscape Plan

Meander Valley Council is working with the Carrick Community Committee to develop and implement an initiative to enhance the streetscape of Carrick.

Following on from the tree planting at the entrances to the township of Carrick, the next phase of enhancing Carrick is to plant some trees down Meander Valley Road.  This is a three-stage plan which includes planting ornamental pear trees throughout the main street and a new footpath, kerb and channel and underground stormwater services at the eastern entrance to the township.

Stage One is funded in Council’s 2015/2016 Capital Works Plan.  Stage One (refer map, centre diagram) includes the planting of nine ornamental pear trees in the centre of town.

The following has been taken into account when identifying the location of the trees:

•             The safety of pedestrians and vehicles

•             The location of underground and above ground assets

•             The amenity of the street.

The pear tree (pyrus calleryana ‘fronzam’ frontier) is a narrow, upright growing ornamental pear with attractive dark green foliage which turns reddish-purple in autumn.  It produces a display of white flowers in spring and grows small, hard, tan coloured fruit that does not break down quickly and can be easily swept up.

Council is encoraging the Carrick community to provide feedback on the Enhancing Carrick Streetscape Plan.

Feedback can be provided to Natasha Szczyglowska via email or call 03 6393 5300.

Carrick Streetscape plan   


Carrick Streetscape Plan


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