Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.



Planning Application Approved 17 April 2018


Application No: PA\18\0190     

Applicant: G Norris  

Location: 85 East Barrack Street, DELORAINE (CT: 49643/2)   

Development: Residential Outbuilding




Planning Applications Approved 10 April 2018


Application No: PA\18\0098  

Applicant: Adams Building Design 

Location: 33 Parsonage Street, DELORAINE (CT: 160068/2)

Development: Extension to Dental Practice & Multiple Dwellings (2 Units)


Application No: PA\18\0121

Applicant: J Redgrave

Location: 4 North Street, ELIZABETH TOWN (CT: 121699/1)  

Development: Single Dwelling & Two Residential Outbuildings


Application No: PA\18\0162  

Applicant: Theresa L Hatton  

Location: 11 Charlies Lane, CARRICK (CT: 173582/18)

Development: Single Dwelling & Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\073

Applicant: N Dean  

Location: 52 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT: 174146/62)   

Development: Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\18\075

Applicant: R & J Lees

Location: 72 & 74 Pioneer Drive, MOLE CREEK (CT's: 24257/5 & 6)

Development: Demolition of Outbuilding, New Residential Outbuilding & Waste Water System


Application No: PA\18\079

Applicant: W Speers

Location: 10 Columbus Drive, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT: 42859/92)  

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\081

Applicant: R Green 

Location: 100 Caveside Road, MOLE CREEK (CT: 245400/1)   

Development: Agricultural Building (Hay Shed) & Access




Planning Applications Approved 4 April 2018


Application No: PA\18\0164

Applicant: Trident Building Surveying  

Location: 82 West Church Street, DELORAINE (CT: 173679/1)   

Development: Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\18\0174

Applicant: Abode Designer Homes  

Location: 4 Carlwood Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 172720/12)   

Development: Single Dwelling  


Application No: PA\18\0194

Applicant: C & J Griffin

Location: 5026 Bass Highway, DELORAINE (CT: 109418/1)

Development: Resource Development (Forestry)



Planning Applications Approved 27 March 2018


Application No: PA\18\0187

Applicant: Optimo Awnings

Location: 1/3 Gorgon Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 174245/1)

Development: Extension to Multiple Dwelling (awning)


Application No: PA\18\0188

Applicant: Prime Design

Location: 1 Colonization Row, WESTBURY (CT: 29997/1)

Development: Visitor Accomodation



Planning Application Approved 23 March 2018


Application No: PA\18\0114

Applicant: R & C McNeill

Location: 455 Olivers Road, LIENA (CT: 49981/1) 

Development: Extension to a Single Dwelling & Residential Outbuilding (x2)



Planning Application Approved 22 March 2018


Application No: PA\18\0171

Applicant: T Fahey & B Shakespear

Location: Calstock, 14746 Highland Lakes Road, DELORAINE (CT's: 18845/1 & 155799/1)

Development: Visitor Accommodation



Planning Applications Approved 20 March 2018


Application No: PA\18\0007

Applicant: D Bott

Location: 2 Travellers Drive, TRAVELLERS REST (CT: 127114/33)

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0160

Applicant: J & J Berne

Location: 21 Main Road, MEANDER (CT: 109580/8)

Development: Agricultural Building


Application No: PA\18\0161

Applicant: P & P Doran

Location: 18 Morrison Street, KIMBERLEY (CT: 235248/1)

Development: Extension to a Residential Outbuilding and two new Residential Outbuildings


Application No: PA\18\0166

Applicant: Design to Live

Location: 42 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT: 174146/67)

Development: Single Dwelling and Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0169

Applicant: H Graham  

Location: 156 & 158 Blackstone Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT's: 27768/28, 27768/29 & 27768/66)   

Development: Landslip rehabilitation works including extension to Single and Multiple Dwelling





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