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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.



Planning Applications Approved 13 February 2018


Application No: PA\18\0110

Applicant: N & D Cole

Location: 12 Morrison Street, KIMBERLEY (CT:86734/117)

Development: Residenital Outbuilding and Extension to Dwelling



Application No: PA\18\0138

Applicant: Optimo Awning

Location: 23 Holyman Drive, PROSPECT VALE (CT:137732/118)

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling (awning)



Application No: PA\18\0153

Applicant: R Johnston

Location: 1318 & 1166 Eccleston Road, ROSEVALE (CT's:107264/1 & 112561/6)

Development: Adjustment of a Boundary


Planning Applications Approved 6 February 2018

 Application No:PA\18\0141

Applicant: Prime Design

Location: 27 Roxford Avenue, WESTBURY (CT:160786/2)

Development: Vehicle Fuel Sales (Pole Sign)


Application No: PA\18\0145

Applicant: G Linnemann

Location: 1/20 Meander Valley Road, WESTBURY (CT:55947/1)

Development: Extension to Multiple Dwelling (Carport)


Application No: PA\18\0148

Applicant: B Larkins

Location: 500 River Road, REEDY MARSH (CT:217538/1)

Development: Residential building (yurt)  


Application No: PA\18\0152

Applicant: S Dean

Location: 44 Meander Valley Road, HAGLEY (CT:27904/1)

Development: House extension (roofed deck)


Planning Applications Approved 30 January 2018


Application No: PA\18\0130

Applicant: Prime Design

Location: 56 West Barrack Street, DELORAINE (CT:147121/2)

Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 Units)


Application No: PA\18\0133 

Applicant: Steve Jordan Drafting

Location: 101A Chris Street, PROSPECT VALE (CT:166923/7)

Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 Units)


Application No: PA\18\0139

Applicant: M Sherriff

Location: 1030 Osmaston Road, DELORAINE (CT:145226/1)

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling & Residential Outbuilding


Planning Applications Approved 23 January 2018

Application No: PA\18\0106

Applicant: Cohen & Associates Pty Ltd

Location: 5 Panorama Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT:31446/17)

Development: Subdivision (2 lots) 


Application No: PA\18\0112 

Applicant: Urban Design Solutions

Location: 50 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT:174146/63)

Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 Units)


Application No: PA\18\0117  

Applicant: S Triffitt

Location: 18A Taylor Street, WESTBURY (CT:163245/4)

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\18\0134  

Applicant: Prime Design

Location: 48 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT:174146/64)

Development: Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\18\0136

Applicant: J Kerr

Location: 25 Liffey Street, CARRICK (CT:25406/2)

Development: Second access



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