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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.



Planning Applications Approved 24 April 2017


Application No: PA\17\0152

Applicant: L Vogt & J Herbert

Location: 367 Priestleys Lane, BIRRALEE, (CT's:249943/1 & 249943/2) 

Development: Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\17\0159

Applicant: S. Group

Location: 2 Church Street, CARRICK, (CT:1618103/3) 

Development: Single Dwelling and Outbuilding 



Planning Applications Approved 11 April 2017


Application No: PA\17\0126

Applicant: Trident Building Surveying

Location: 803 Whitemore Road, WHITEMORE, (CT:13878/9) 

Development: Single Dwelling, Outbuilding & Demolition of Outbuilding


Application No: PA\17\0140

Applicant: Prime Design

Location: 3 Gordon Place, PROSPECT VALE, (CT:153273/48) 

Development: Bulky Goods Sales


Application No: PA\17\0142

Applicant: M & C Linger

Location: 35 East Parade, DELORAINE, (CT:155802/1) 

Development: Bulky Goods Sales


Application No: PA\17\0146

Applicant: C Dunlop

Location: 540 Kackeys Marsh Road, JACKEYS MARSH, (CT:238415/1) 

Development: Natural and Cultural values Management (building)


Application No: PA\17\0149

Applicant: My Build 

Location: 130 Blackstone Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS, (CT:27768/15) 

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\17\0150

Applicant: Prime Design

Location: 12 Carlwood Place, PROSPECT VALE, (CT:172720/8) 

Development: Multiple dwellings (2 units)



Planning Applications Approved 4 April 2017


Application No: PA\17\0090

Applicant: J & K Boothman

Location: 385 Liena Road, MOLE CREEK, (CT:199736/1) 

Development: Food Services


Application No: PA\17\0143

Applicant: MZSR Developments

Location: 86 Panorama Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS, (CT:50481/18) 

Development: Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\17\0147

Applicant: L & E Tannock & D Chequer

Location: 63A William Street, WESTBURY, (CT:160010/2) 

Development: Single Dwelling


Application No: PA\17\0148

Applicant: L & E Tannock & D Chequer

Location: 63 William Street, WESTBURY, (CT:160010/3) 

Development: Single Dwelling & demolition of outbuilding



Planning Applications Approved 28 March 2017


Application No: PA\17\0132

Applicant: Cohen & Associates P/L

Location: 24 Mary Street, WESTBURY (with frontage on Shadforth Street), (CT:120467/1) 

Development: Subdivision (2 lots)


Application No: PA\17\0136

Applicant: K Dargan

Location: 39 Liffey Street, CARRICK (CT:20050/3) 

Development: Single dwelling



Planning Application Approved 24 March 2017


Application No: PA\17\0137

Applicant: Ashgrove Cheese Pty Ltd

Location: 6173 Bass Highway, ELIZABETH TOWN (CT:160834/1) 

Development: Extension to Resource Processing - Cheddar Tower



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