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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.



Planning Applications Approved 23 May 2017


Application No: PA\17\0160

Applicant: Urban Design Solutions

Location: 1, 3, 5 & 7 Nanke Court, PROSPECT VALE, (CT:172720/15, CT:172720/16, CT:172720/17 & CT:172720/18) 

Development: Subdivision (4 lots to 6 lots)


Application No: PA\17\0174

Applicant: Trident Building Surveying

Location: 238 Main Road, MEANDER, (CT:6866/1) 

Development: Demolition of outbuilding and construction of residential outbuilding  


Application No: PA\17\0179

Applicant: MZSR Developments

Location: 2 Carlwood Place, PROSPECT VALE, (CT:172720/13) 

Development: Single dwelling and Residential outbuilding



Planning Applications Approved 16 May 2017


Application No: PA\17\0134

Applicant: Cohen & Associates P/L

Location: 16 Elizabeth Street, BRACKNELL, (CT:20256/5) 

Development: Subdivision (6 lots)


Application No: PA\17\0164

Applicant: W Preston

Location: 19 Kipling Crescent, HADSPEN, (CT:26480/21) 

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\17\0166

Applicant:Rebecca Green & Associates

Location: Land off Union Bridge Road, MOLE CREEK (CT:52772/2) with acces via CT:52772/3 & CT:249773/1

Development: Resource Development (single dwelling)


Application No: PA\17\0167

Applicant: Urban Design Solutions

Location: 9 Nanke Court, PROSPECT VALE, (CT:172720/19) 

Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 Units) 


Application No: PA\17\0170

Applicant: A Walsh

Location: 135 Colonization Row, WESTBURY, (CT:168413/3) 

Development: Dwelling


Application No: PA\17\0171

Applicant: P & B Spencer

Location: 6 Florence Street, BRACKNELL, (CT:7368/1) 

Development: House extension


Application No: PA\17\0172

Applicant: Prime Design

Location: 60 Bayview Drive, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS, (CT:42859/5) 

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\17\0173

Applicant: M & G Plunkett

Location: 28 West Barrack Street, DELORAINE, (CT:38115/1) 

Development: Visitor Accommodation


Application No: PA\17\0176

Applicant: TMK Design Solutions P/L

Location: 215 Bracknell Road, BRACKNELL, CT:169200/1) 

Development: Demolition of Farm Building


Application No: PA\17\0187

Applicant: Urban Design Solutions

Location: 79 Sorell Street, CHUDLEIGH, (CT:117978/1) 

Development: Residential Outbuilding



Planning Applications Approved 9 May 2017


Application No: PA\17\0087

Applicant: B Stafford

Location: 1793 Mole Creek Road, CHUDLEIGH, (CT:131879/1) (with access via right-of-way over Mole Creek Road, CHUDLEIGH CT:131879/2) 

Development: Visitor Accommodation (B&B)


Application No: PA\17\0165

Applicant: Metier Planning and Development

Location: 2-4 Donalds Avenue, PROSPECT VALE, (CT:31685/5) 

Development: Manufacturing and Processing


Application No: PA\17\0168

Applicant: K & E Hefford

Location: 12 McRae Place, PROSPECT VALE, (CT:136937/92) 

Development: Residential outbuilding


Application No: PA\17\0169

Applicant: A Cunningham

Location: 40 Cheltenham Way, PROSPECT VALE, (CT:116575/14) 

Development: Extension to dwelling (awning)


Application No: PA\17\0200

Applicant: Harris Group (TAS) P/L

Location: 5 Reibey Street, HADSPEN, (CT:79371/11) 

Development: Multiple Dwelling (Unit 1's deck)




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