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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.



Planning Application Approved 17 March 2017


Application No: PA\17\0120

Applicant: Theresa L Hatton - Building Design

Location: 189 Ginns Road, BIRRALEE (CT:35048/1) 

Development: Subdivision - 2 Lots



Planning Applications Approved 14 March 2017


Application No: PA\17\0032

Applicant: Rebecca Green and Associates

Location: 137 Main Road, MEANDER (CT:123568/1) 

Development: Hospital Services (Rehabilition Centre)


Application No: PA\17\0122

Applicant: S Hughes

Location: 389 Meander Valley Road, TRAVELLERS REST (CT:125302/1) 

Development: Bridge


Application No: PA\17\0123

Applicant: PW Walker

Location: 36A Main Street, HADSPEN (CT:169701/3) 

Development: Single Dwelling - second access


Application No: PA\17\0125

Applicant: Dynamic Build Pty Ltd

Location: 19 Carlwood Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT:172720/5) 

Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 units)



Planning Applications Approved 7 March 2017


Application No: PA\17\0115

Applicant: 6TY P/L

Location: Land located off Integrity Drive, WESTBURY (CT:166084/17) 

Development: Subdivision (1 lot, road & balance)


Application No: PA\17\0118

Applicant: K & M Bradford

Location: 22 Bradford Avenue, PROSPECT VALE (CT:169750/200) 

Development: Frontage fence


Application No: PA\17\0121

Applicant: K Sturzaker

Location: 107 Lees Road, WESTERN CREEK (CT:32020/2) 

Development: Residential outbuilding


Application No: PA\17\0128

Applicant: M MacDonald

Location: 180 Silver Wattle Road, REEDY MARSH (CT:25270/1) 

Development: Residential Outbuilding


Application No: PA\17\0139

Applicant: D Strickland

Location: 33 Henrietta Street, BRACKNELL (CT:153946/3) 

Development: Residential outbuilding


Planning Applications Approved 28 February 2017

Application No: PA\14\0217

Applicant: Michell Hodgetts & Associates Pty Ltd

Location: 1 Carl Court (CT:161980/4), 24 Dry Street (CT:170138/50) & 26 Dry Street (CT:170137/27) - DELORAINE 

Development: Subdivision (3 lots to 4 lots)


Application No: PA\17\0113

Applicant: P Woolley & C Donovan

Location: 6 Country Club Avenue, PROSPECT VALE (CT:18601/3) 

Development: Visitor Accommodation (B&B)


Application No: PA\17\0116

Applicant: N Causley & D Linger

Location: 19 Travellers Rest, TRAVELLERS REST (CT:42679/27) 

Development: Residential outbuilding (carport)




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