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Meander Valley Council has approximately 26 playgrounds. These are generally suitable for unsupervised children from the age of 7 to 14 years depending on their confidence and abilities. Some playgrounds also have equipment suitable for younger ages although supervision is recommended.

All playgrounds are audited as part of our Risk Management and Asset Management Plan every six months.

Council encourages all parents to familiarize themselves with each playground they attend to determine the suitability of play equipment for their children. The attached pdf document "Playgrounds - Information Sheet" lists the playgrounds and their locations within the Meander Valley municipality.


Prospect Vale Park Play Space

'Have your say'  

Council plans to establish a nature play space at Prospect Vale Park Playground. Complete the survey and let us know what elements you prefer.

The survey is available until Sunday 13 September.


 More about nature play spaces ...

THE CREATION OF nature play spaces is an emerging global trend—encouraging children to get in touch with nature and promote adventurous play.

Adventure play encourages children to explore and push their boundaries, connect with and develop an awareness of their surroundings and broaden their social skills.

Nature play spaces provide a range of play opportunities and can be used by children of different ages, abilities and interests.

They include familiar play equipment, such as swings, slides and hammocks and offer a blend of natural areas and environmental features such as plants, water, and sand as well as boulders, mounds and pathways, inviting children to explore, learn and to use their imaginations.

The space will provide a variety of active and passive spaces for people to explore, get dirty, kick back and relax and gather for a picnic or BBQ.

The design will follow community safety principles and comply with playground standards.

The funding of the new play space was approved as part of Council’s 2015-2016 capital works program. This is the first naturebased play space for Council – so watch this space!



Hadspen Recreation Ground replacement play equipment

We'd like your feedback. Simply select your favourite design and complete the survey here:

www.surveymonkey/r/Hadspenplayequipment or contact Council on 6393 5300. Survey open until the end of August.


Hadspen play equipment designs

I would like to...