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Parks & Reserves

Meander Valley Council owns and manages various parks and reserves within its municipality. These areas provide numerous recreational opportunities however there are some matters to remember while enjoying them:

  • Please familiarize yourself with park signage before entering. There may be some restrictions on activities
  • Pedestrians and cyclists should keep left when on paths
  • Take your rubbish home where no bins are provided
  • Leave timber, twigs and leaves on the ground in bushland areas of the parks. They provide important habitat for animals
  • Parks are for all to enjoy. Please consider other users
  • No smoking within 10 metres of a playground.

Refer to the attached pdf documents below for full listings and locallities of parks and reserves, and playgrounds located within the Meander Valley municipality.

Facility Type

Prospect Vale Park Development Plan

The following documents present the Meander Valley Council's Prospect Vale Park Development Plan 2012. The Executive Summary summarises the information that is found in greater detail in the Development Plan which outlines the background research, facility assessments, consultation process and results, development ideas, action plans, funding options and evaluation. The appendices contain additional relevant documents.

The Development Plan was generated through extensive consultation and reflects the needs of the stakeholders. Numerous sports club representatives and stakeholders gave their time and energy in helping to construct the Development Plan.

Executive Summary Prospect Vale Park Development Plan (Oct 2012)(5525 kb)

Prospect Vale Park Development Plan (Oct ober 2012)(15460 kb)

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