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Building Information

A Change in Direction: Council's Role in Building Approvals

Below are a list of Documents and Information Brochures available for Download


Obtaining an Occupany Permit & Completion Certificate

When a Building Permit is issued, upon Completion of the building a Certificate of Completion is required to be issued.

When Constructing a new House or doing alterations or additions to an existing house, an Occupancy Permit is also required to be issued prior to moving in.

The attached documents will provide you with information on the work which is required to be completed prior to these documents being issued. 


Would you like to obtain a copy of your Building and Plumbing Plans?

To obtain a copy of Building and Plumbings plans an application form needs to be completed, this can be downloaded from the link below. The fees are $40 or Building and Plumbing Plans or $20 for only Plumbing Plans.

Payment is to accompany the completed application. Plans are normally posted within a week of Council receiving the application and payment.

Plans can only be obtained by the owner of the property, unless permission is given in writting by the current owner. This permission must accompany the application form.

Please Note: Council records are only around 25 years old and as such may not have records for your property.

To obtain a  copy of Building Plans an application for is required to be completed. This can be downloaded from the link below. The fee involved is $40. To obtain copies you must be the currant owner of the property or have written permission from the currant owner. The fees must be attached to the completed application form.

Please note: Council records are only around 25 to 30 years old and may not have plans for your property. Plans are usaully posted from Council within one week of application being submitted and fees being paid

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