Recreational Water

Recreational Water Warning

10 April 2018

Council advises that Blue-green Algae have been identified at

Four Springs Lake


Water samples have been taken to identify if any of the species present are toxic.

Blue Green Algae may pose a risk to water users and anyone who draws water directly from the water body.  Swimming, canoeing and any other recreational use should be avoided until further notice.

Signage has been erected at the boat ramp

The Department of Health and Human Services has been notified and recommends health warnings for the above location until analysis results indicate the water body is safe for general public use.  Council will continue to monitor water quality and signage will be updated once sampling results have been received.

If you have any queries regarding this matter please contact Council on (03) 6393 5300 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.



Monitoring the Safety of Recreational Swimming Locations

Recreational water quality sampling is undertaken throughout the summer season. Four popular recreational swimming locations are monitored regularly from December through until March each year.

Testing is to ensure the water at these locations remain safe for public use and most importantly, human health.

If monitoring reveals that the quality of the water has been compromised in any way, investigations will commence. Relevant warnings will be issued, via signage at the sites and on the Meander Valley Council Website.

Recreational water sites being monitored include:

•             Meander River - Egmont Reserve, Birralee Road, Westbury

•             Liffey River – The Esplanade, off Louisa St, Bracknell

•             South Esk River – Lions Park, off Main Street, Hadspen

•             Lake Trevallyn – Blackstone Park Drive , Off Kelsey Rd, Blackstone

If I have any enquiries regarding Recreational Water Quality, whom should I contact?
Council's Environmental Health Officers are able to advise on Recreational Water Quality, contact 6393 5300



Recreational Swimming Locations



Westbury - Meander River, Egmont Reserve, Birralee Road



Bracknell - Liffey River, The Esplanade, off Louisa Street



Hadspen - South Esk River, Lions Park, off Main Street



Blackstone Heights - South Esk River, Blackstone Park Drive, off Kelsey Road

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