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Liffey Falls - Access Update Advice from Parks & Wildlife Service

13 July 2018 - Parks & Wildlife Tasmania Advice

LIFFEY FALLS - the Liffey Falls Road is OPEN to traffic, including pedestrian access from the picnic area down to the falls, however the walking track linking the falls to the lower campground remains CLOSED until trees can be cleared from the track to the lower campground. 

The lower Liffey campground is OPEN.  Storm damaged trees in the campground have been felled and while there is further work required, it is safe for people to visit and camp.  The track from this campground up to Liffey Falls is CLOSED at this end also. 

It is hoped to have the linking track cleared and open by early next week.

Contact Parks & Wildlife Tasmania - Tamar Field Centre on 6336 5397 for the latest updates.

For other reserve closures refer to

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