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Roadside Shoulder Spraying Program - commencing 2 October 2017

Council introduced a roadside shoulder spraying program in September 2014. This program now covers approximately 440 kilometres of the rural road network with treatment cycles scheduled in Autumn and Spring annually. Council engages a suitably qualified and licenced contractor to undertake this works in accordance with the relevant Act, Orders and Codes of Practice. The herbicides used are Roundup and Brush-off with the mixing and application rate used in accordance with the product Label of Use.

This program will specifically target vegetation growth adjacent to the road surface for a width of approximately 1.2 metres. This program is providing the following benefits:

1.  Improving visibility of the road edge and shoulder area – aids a safer exit from the road surface if circumstances require  2.  Improving sight lines through corners and at property entrances otherwise blinded by vegetation 3.  Improving visibility of guideposts and signs at night or in poor weather conditions 4.  Improving visibility of roadside hazards such as culvert headwalls, drains and wildlife.

Since commencement of this program there has been a significant reduction of customer enquiries related to vegetation on rural roads plus new and improved road maintenance activities have been undertaken. This program is considered an integral component of our road network management plan.

Refer to the link below for a list of affected roads. If you have a query please contact Council on 6393 5300.

Road Listing - Shoulder Spraying Program October 2017(39 kb)

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