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Greater Launceston Urban Salinity Strategy 2016

“The Greater Launceston Area Urban Salinity Strategy 2016 is the culmination of five year’s work by three northern Councils namely West Tamar Council, City of Launceston and Meander Valley Council through their Launceston Salinity Action Group (LSAG).

 Engaging with a model of salinity hazard mapping being rolled out in urban and rural New South Wales, LSAG coordinated data input and on-ground surveys to inform what would become a comprehensive vision of salinity drivers at a local landscape scale. Different types of salinity hazard have been attributed to seventeen discrete salinity landscape units across the Greater Launceston Area. Importantly, the salinity hazards evaluated are matched to recommended management actions that may mitigate or prevent salinity impacts.

 The ability to map salinity hazard at a local scale opens up opportunities for building, planning and asset management sectors to develop appropriate responses, and forward plan with evidence- and science-based information. Importantly, too, it delineates areas of Greater Launceston where salinity is unlikely to be a concern.

Urban salinity costs our community through direct impacts on public and private infrastructure, heritage values, public recreation spaces, water quality, and natural environments. Improved knowledge of salinity hazard and mitigation options such as considered low-risk locating, use of salinity-resistant materials and sympathetic groundwater management are examples of ways we can offset impacts and associated costs into the future.”

 GLA Salinity - Main Report(4857 kb)

GLA Salinity - Landscape Report(14457 kb)


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